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Nobody’s Fool® is an annual conference for girls and boys entering grades 5 - 9. The half-day conference is on a weekday and has been held each summer for the last 19 years, with 400-700 children attending each year.

The purpose of Nobody’s Fool is to encourage abstinence, promote parent-child communication and give medically accurate and age-appropriate facts about sexuality issues. These include puberty, healthy relationships, abuse, disease and pregnancy prevention.

At the  Waco Convention Center.



A team of highly experienced family life educators teaches each class. Following 3 hours of class, lunch is served while door prizes and Nobody^s Fool T-shirts are distributed. The goal for focusing on this age group is to reach children before they enter into dating relationships and to encourage them to go to their parents for information about sensitive topics. The evening before, a "Parent Preview" is held so parents may meet the faculty and experience some of the learning activities themselves.


The candy “Now and Laters” are given to every student at Nobody’s Fool. They are asked if they have an idea why we chose that brand. Some of the responses are: “Because what we do now will affect us later” “We can learn it now or we can learn it later” Those are good answers but the real reason is

“You may need what you learned today now or you may not need it until much later, but it’s always good to know the facts.”  

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